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Peggy Fort, President + CEO

Peggy Fort is an award-winning marketing, business development and public relations trend setter helping to enhance luxury brands and destinations develop innovative, community-based campaigns on a global platform through brand enhancement, influence marketing, hyper-local to national level partnership development and media mix across a variety of industries. Her ability to blend strategic insight, creative thinking and inspire cohesive, forward thinking leadership has helped to make Peggy a true triple-threat. She’s developed a reputation of marketing innovation and excellence in Southern California that is second to none.


Her 22+ years of unwavering marketing passion for building innovation and professional excellence representing high-profile clientele spans from representing over 400+ corporate, destination and hospitality industry clients and events which include: Starbucks Coffee Company, LA Inc., McDonalds Restaurants, The City of Newport Beach, The Newport Beach Restaurant Association, Newport Beach Restaurant Week (Founder), Visit Newport Beach Inc., Santa Monica Travel + Tourism, The OC Marathon, The Corona del Mar Centennial Celebration, Balboa Island Marketing Inc., Northstar-At- Tahoe and beyond. She continues to enthusiastically lead the charge in Southern California where her contagious energy and razor sharp focus fuel her proven track record of positioning CMC Inc. clients as leaders in their categories, consistently benefiting from her strategic and comprehensive revenue maximizing marketing campaigns that drive results.


Peggy Fort holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications and Public Relations from California State University, Chico where she was a champion collegiate springboard diver and elected Commissioner of Programs & Organizations for the University.  She serves on a number of industry related Advisory Boards, has raised thousands of dollars for numerous charities, runs marathons and resides in Newport Beach, California.  

Meet CMC Inc's Founder 
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