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Social engagement has created a tectonic shift in communications that has brought us all closer together. It is today’s most transparent, engaging and interactive form of public relations. It combines the true grit of real time content with the beauty of authentic peer-to-peer communication. Content is king, with the emergence of social channels that let fans and followers share, engage, “like”, and most importantly, influence. CMC Inc. Marketing Agency has a deep understanding of today’s digital space—we look to these digital platforms to give life and interactive personality to our clientele. We strategically develop and manage comprehensive digital and social media campaigns, and utilize our offline relationships with editors and influencers to spark online conversation, leverage brand awareness and build strong connections.


We use web based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue development: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram Business Page


  • Comprehensive Editorial + Rich Content Creation 

  • Dynamic Page Creation, Channel Design + Optimization 

  • Media Mix Promotions, Advertising + Email Campaigns

  • Monitoring, Analytics + Reputation Management

  • Community Development + Strategic Fan Engagement 

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